How to negotiate with a client?

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Whether you’ve been through this or yet to encounter this situation, it can be quite a scary scenario. There will always be one client who will ask to re-negotiate your initial quote for a project. When this happens and you receive that email or phone call, one thing to keep in mind is to not come to a conclusion straight away. Let them know that you will review their requested re-quote and get back to them as soon as possible.

The next thing to keep in mind is that, clients will always have a budget for a project (or they should). It comes down to whether you want to stand by your initial quote and what your service is worth or negotiate with the client to a range that is more reasonable to both parties.

If you are a freelancer just beginning your journey, you might think that their request to bring down the quote will suffice and that you just want the experience, which in many cases is fine! But once again, it all comes down to what you believe your work is worth and also other factors such as how long the project might take to complete and so on. Never be afraid to tell it as it is. Most cases they will agree to it or in some cases they won’t.

In terms of wording your email or phone call, I’ve included an example below for reference. Use it as a basis and re-word it according to your scenario.

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